By Nick Romano
August 15, 2018 at 12:29 PM EDT

Out with the old, in with Organic Industrial Liquids’ pick for the new Jim Jefferies Show weatherman.

After the Comedy Central show host fired Brad Pitt as his meteorology expert in a series of previous bits, Seth Rogen has stepped in as Coal Clean, who represents the show’s new “advertiser.” Although, it seems this weatherman has his own agenda.

“Boy, has it been a helluva year — the best year of weather ever in earth’s history,” Clean said despite record high temperatures in California and the global effects of climate change. He’s not worried about any of that stuff, though. “Do you believe everything the lying liberal media tells you?” he tells Jefferies. “You just gotta stick to the facts. For instance, did you know the worse the air quality, the better the breast milk?”

Jefferies tried firing Clean, but he was reminded that Organic Industrial Liquids could pull its funding from his show. When put in that light, the host changed his tune: “If oil was so bad, why do they put it on salads?”

Watch the full video above.