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Every week, Big Brother host Julie Chen answers our burning questions about eviction night. This week, she addresses the unprecedented nature of Bayleigh’s meltdown, and whether she’ll meet Swaggy at the altar someday.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How much fun was it telling Bayleigh that Swaggy met her parents? Why did you decide to share that with her now and not after the game?
JULIE CHEN: I loooooved telling her! It was like a little present I wanted to give her after a really tough week. We did it because we thought it would be a nice, fun thing to do for her. A good moment on the show. We also wanted to see and hear how she thought it went. Was she going to be horrified or happy? It was a nice moment. My prediction is they will get married!

Big Brother
Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

I don’t remember anyone throwing a tantrum quite the way Bayleigh did in the house. Was that unprecedented?
I think that was by far the biggest moment in the history of the game of someone losing their mind.

Julie, I can’t help but think that if the hacker were a man, he wouldn’t have been so quick to reveal his identity to Bayleigh. Was Bayleigh guilty of being a sappy chick in that moment?
I chalk it up to her being young. It wasn’t a female thing. It was a being young thing. And being a sweet, kind-hearted person with a conscience.

Aren’t these additional powers (like the hacker) diluting the power of the HOH? When is it too much?
Well…I do have to say I have heard from others the same thing, that the hacker power is just too much. It only dilutes the HOH powers when someone who doesn’t like the HOH wins it. If someone who is in cahoots with the HOH wins it, then it boosts the HOH’s alliance’s powers. Expect the unexpected.

When are we gonna see Zingbot?
You will see Zingbot on the Aug. 22 episode. And it can’t come soon enough!

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