By Lynette Rice
August 10, 2018 at 05:09 PM EDT
Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Talk about going out with a bang: in the final hours of her time in the Big Brother house, Bayleigh Dayton — the 25-year-old flight attendant from Georgia — had a verbal meltdown over the way Tyler treated her in the house. Before heading into sequester, Bayleigh spoke to EW about why Tyler made her feel “worthless” and how he still owes her an apology.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In your final speech, you said “I’ll be the bigger person” and apologize for yelling. Did you leave the house thinking that Tyler still owed you an apology?
Absolutely. Tyler owes me an apology because he had my trust, completely flipped on me, and disrespected me — not just in front of the house but in front of the whole world, and he never had the balls to apologize. And I was innocent, by the way.

Do you think your tantrum was the final nail in your coffin?
It wasn’t a tantrum but no, that was part of me expressing and defending myself. People had already decided to vote me out before that. I don’t think the tantrum really mattered much.

The vote was 6 to 1 to evict you. Who do you believe voted to keep you to stay?
Sam. She told me she did. It was probably because she felt so bad for me.

You thought people were treating you like you were “worthless.” How so?
Because when Tyler spoke to me after the meeting, he had his sunglasses on, he was very condescending… Him, Angela, and a few other people in the house wouldn’t speak to me for days and treated me like I didn’t exist. They never even had the decency to explain to me why they thought I was the hacker.

From a game perspective, do you believe Haleigh made a good decision telling you that she was the hacker?
I think so because if I would have stayed in the house and found out later that she was the hacker, I would have not only come after her, but I would have never trusted her again.

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