By Nick Romano
August 09, 2018 at 10:41 AM EDT

President Donald Trump has called for a United States “Space Force” and Vice President Mike Pence is apparently ready to debut the plan soon. What exactly does a Space Force do? It doesn’t really matter because Jimmy Kimmel is already helping the administration land recruits.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, the host aired a spoof recruitment ad for this Space Force. Yes, light sabers were involved. Yes, there was also a cardboard cutout of Alf and lots of nerf guns getting fired at cardboard aliens.

“We’re the strong, the brave, the sixth best. We are the Space Force,” actors said in the video. “We’re not entirely sure what we do, but whatever it is, it sounds totally badass.”

They’re not quite sure whether they’re supposed to fight aliens, but they’re super pumped to get light sabers and a space ship. That’s good enough for now.

As Kimmel says, “May the Space Force be with you!”

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