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August 07, 2018 at 09:00 PM EDT
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Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from the season 2 finale of The Bold Type.

It all happened in Paris.

In The Bold Type’s season 2 finale, Kat, Jane, and Sutton flew to the City of Light for a work trip that would turn out to be filled with a number of important personal decisions: Sutton reunited with Richard, Kat and Adena struggled to figure out if their relationship has been negatively impacting Adena’s art, and Jane made a choice between Pinstripe and Ben (though we don’t know what that choice is just yet). And then there’s the Jacqueline of it all — it seems Scarlet could be replacing its editor-in-chief.

EW spoke with The Bold Type showrunner Amanda Lasher about all those finale twists, as well as what to expect in season 3.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The Jacqueline story feels very timely…
AMANDA LASHER: This has been going on in the magazine industry for a while now, and it just also felt like a very natural story line. I love magazines and I’ve been noticing it happening. I see it out there, so it’s hard not to think about.

In season 2, are we looking at Scarlet without Jacqueline?
I will just say that Jacqueline is somebody who, it doesn’t matter how far down or out you may think she is, you should never underestimate her, and that is the delightfulness that is Jacqueline Carlyle.

Was the Richard-Sutton reunion something you all had in the works from the start of the season?
Yeah, but as much as I LOVE them together, I felt like I really wanted to see Sutton find her way and stand on her own two feet and really be able to define herself with confidence before she turned back to Richard.

I love that you all are exploring what a relationship can do to an artist. Where did that idea originate for Kat and Adena?
We talked about being a creative person in a relationship and how that can be affected by your relationship, and how sometimes being in a relationship can inspire you and give you material and you can grow, and then sometimes it doesn’t work that way, and that’s a painful thing because Kat and Adena really love each other. What happens when something like that gets in the way? Who you are in a relationship is different than who you are on your own, and finding a way to bring both of those elements of yourself into a relationship isn’t always easy.

Jane claims she’s made a choice between Ben and Pinstripe. Will we see that in season 3?
We see very quickly who her choice is. We knew we were onto something when people were very divided in the [writers’] room.

Looking back on your first season as showrunner on this show, is there a story that stands out as something you’re maybe most proud of or just loved doing?
I loved the Kat and Adena story line in the first episode. I loved exploring that aspect of their relationship and seeing that intimacy on screen. I loved the Jane-Kat conversation about privilege because I feel like that’s a conversation that needs to happen more and isn’t always easy to have, and so to see two friends lovingly go there was important to me. I loved very much when Sutton stood up to the bully when she was being slut-shamed. And when we thought about the finale, we had been seeing Jane with these two guys and seeing the different things that they brought to the table for her, but I loved that she cared more about being her own Prince Charming and sending that message and turning that trope on its head.

Looking ahead, what are you most looking forward to exploring in season 3?
I’m excited to see Jane in her relationship, and I’m excited to see how everyone at Scarlet deals with the new challenges ahead. I think there are some unexpected turns. But it’s just really fun being able to be with these young women on their journey through their 20s and figuring out who they are.

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