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August 06, 2018 at 01:24 PM EDT
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UPDATE: Greg is back! Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom revealed that Skylar Astin will be playing a reimagining of Greg, Rachel’s love interest from the first season. The role was previously played by Santino Fontana, who left the show at the beginning of season 2, and in bringing the character back, the show hopes to explore how perception changes.

“Rachel and I had always been exploring bringing back that character and sort trying to figure out a way to do it in a way that suited our show and also because we felt like we had taken the resolution we wanted for Greg and kind of jammed it into those first 4 episodes of the second season,” McKenna told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour. “We felt like we had completed his arc a bit. Now bringing the character of Greg back, he is part of our storytelling. It’s a plot point in the story that the character is reimagined, so it’s going to be played by a different actor, which is Skylar.”

Bloom added: “It’s not only a big leap and feels experimental and playful like our show, but as we’ll see when the show airs, it’s a great statement on how our perception of people changes, and Greg is sort of a barometer for how Rebecca changes.”

McKenna and Bloom decided not to have Fontana reprise the role for the final season because they felt as though they’d wrapped up that portion of the story already; however, they did let Fontana know what they were planning to do. “We let Santino know because we have the highest respect for him,” said McKenna.

Bloom says that the episode where Greg returns plays with ” the ideas and themes of perception, how he sees her, and how other people see each other.” Furthermore, the show, which can be quite meta, will comment on the recasting, too. ” We’re going to call it out. It’s not a Becky on Roseanne situation where suddenly it’s a different person,” said Bloom.

During the press conference, Bloom and McKenna also revealed that Patton Oswalt is returning this season, and that Bloom will direct the series’ penultimate episode and McKenna will helm the series finale.

EARLIER: Rebecca Bunch is getting a new love interest!

Pitch Perfect‘s Skylar Astin has joined Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as a new love interest for Rachel Bloom’s protagonist, The CW announced Monday at the Television Critics Association press tour. No other details were given about Astin’s character.

This fall, the Golden Globe-winning musical series is heading into its final season. The last time we checked in with Rebecca, she had decided to accept responsibility for her action and pled guilty to attempted second degree murder after pushing Trent (Paul Welsh) off of a roof. The show’s upcoming fourth season will dive into Rebecca’s attempts to recover from this moment.

“Responsibility, recovery, probably some recidivism, all those things are really interesting to us for season 4 and to see what her life is like now that the haze of the delusion is starting to lift a bit,” showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna told EW at the end of season 3.

In addition to the first two Pitch Perfect movies, Astin’s other credits include Halt and Catch FireTrolls: The Beat Goes On!, and Graves.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns Friday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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