By Nick Romano
August 03, 2018 at 09:15 AM EDT

Mark Hamill knows how much Harrison Ford’s Han Solo jacket is getting auctioned for, but he has a much better offer… he thinks.

During a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hamill told the late-night host, “For one night and one night only, I’m prepared to offer your audience a pair of Luke Skywalker’s capri pants!” And he’s only asking for $100,000. It’s no Ford money, but still.

British auctioneers at Prop Store are auctioning off a jacket worn by Ford’s Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back that is estimated to sell for $1.3 million. Kimmel was a bit confused, though, because he doesn’t remember Hamill ever wearing a pair of red capri pants as Luke in the original Star Wars trilogy. Hamill had that covered, too.

The veteran of the sci-fi franchise — who’s returning for Star Wars: Episode IX — revealed totally unaltered (they were definitely altered) and 100 percent authentic (they were not authentic) stills from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, showing just that.

“I used to call them my Luke High Waters,” Hamill joked. “Sometimes I called them my Padawan Pedal Pushers.”

To sweeten the pot, the actor threw in a Chewbacca hairball for $50,000. But nobody had paddles, so he stormed off with a “beam me up, Scotty!”

“Yeah, that’s from Star Trek,” Kimmel corrected.

“Oh whatever, you nerd,” Hamill shot back.

Watch above.

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