By Mike Miller
August 03, 2018 at 11:30 AM EDT
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Gustavo Fring had no shortage of memorable scenes during his run as the baddest drug lord / fried chicken slinger in the Southwest on Breaking Bad — and now, the man behind the spectacles is opening up about his personal favorite.

“One of my favorite moments is, ‘I will kill your wife, I will kill your son, I will kill your infant daughter.’ That scene in the desert is just brilliant,” says Giancarlo Esposito, referring to a dialogue in season 4, episode 11, in the PeopleTV special Hollywood’s Baddest Villains: Gustavo “Gus Fring.

The scene is a back-and-forth between Fring and the show’s main character, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), who has been blindfolded and dragged into the middle of the desert by Fring’s men. The moment represents a tipping point in the feud between the kingpin and White, a former high school teacher who transforms himself into the world’s greatest meth cook.

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“What I liked about it was … the dialogue and the position that Walt was in, very compromised with a hood over his head,” Esposito explains. “Then the scene starts and I pull the hood off his head, and then all of a sudden there’s all this sunlight.”

He adds, “I thought this was brilliantly mapped out, because you have this huge vista of desert surrounding us both. That particular scene is just magic to me.”

Esposito also credits Mother Nature for adding drama to the sequence. “At one point, clouds roll over the sky and the sun goes away. And it was a moment that just happened, and it’s absolutely brilliant how it happened. It was like the universe served this up.

“Then the clouds rolled away and the sun came back out. So I love that scene for a number of reasons. I felt like Bryan [Cranston] was on his A-game, I was on my A-game, the universe was on their A-Game … the preparation of the scene visually was just so perfect and beautiful.”

Check out the interview above to watch Esposito walk through his favorite Breaking Bad scene.

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