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Louis CK

Last November, FX booted Louis C.K. from all of his shows on the network — including canceling his acclaimed Louie — in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct by 5 women (specifically, exposing himself and masturbating without consent).

FX CEO John Landgraf was asked if there are any circumstances in which — or any amount of time after which — Louis C.K. would be permitted to return to the network.

“I think that would depend on the women who came forward and the question of whether there was a feeling of redress and reconciliation,” Landgraf said. “Everything he [was accused of] was before he worked for us. I had nothing but magnificent experiences with him for 8 years and multiple shows. But I think this a moment of time about women whose stories have been unable to be told being able to come out and speak. I think they have to set the tone right now — ‘they’ collectively, those women and others who are coming forward.”

Landgraf also praised C.K.’s writing partner Pamela Adlon who is shepherding the third season of the comedy they created together, Better Things.

“I’m really proud of Pamela, it’s been fun to watch this whole transformative process,” he said. “From the pilot, on which she and Louie worked together and Louie directed, to Louie deciding, quite correctly, that she needed to direct every episode. She never directed anything before. She directed more than half of the first season and all of the second season. She turns out to be one of the most talented directors I’ve ever worked with. She put together a writing staff. What’s remarkable in all of this is the tone has remained remarkably consistent. I think it’s gotten more locked in and specific. She’s come into her own and is increasingly taking control of everything, you can see a sharpening of its point of view. It’s thrilling to see her running everything in season 3. She’s a monster talent.”

Louis CK
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