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FX is scrapping its plan for a Prince Charles and Lady Diana edition of its Feud limited seriesat least for now.

While the Feud brand is still technically considered in development, writers were unable to crack a version of the story for the previously announced sequel to 2017’s Feud: Bette and Joan.

“It’s not moving forward at the moment,” FX chief John Landgraf told EW at the Television Critics Assn. press tour in Beverly Hills on Friday.

Is that because of Netflix’s The Crown is tackling the same story in coming seasons?

“It’s not because of The Crown,” Landgraf said.I think there was a very different approach. I happen to really like The Crown. But it’s told from the point of view of the royal family. This is told from the point of view of somebody coming into that family a la Meghan Markle. Ultimately, we couldn’t get the material to the place we wanted.”

The comments come as Feud executive producer Ryan Murphy shifts his attention to making shows for Netflix where he recently landed a production deal worth $300 million.

We also asked Landgraf if Feud was still even a series or basically canceled at this point.

“I’d say if you asked Ryan, he would still say it’s an active series and he’s still intending to do further cycles,” Landgraf said. “But he hasn’t told me ‘this is the cycle I’m doing and this is when I’m doing it.'”

American Crime Story: Katrina is also delayed amid script changes.

“We went back to square one and started over,” Landgraf said. “My understanding is [producers] have seen scripts but they haven’t given them to me yet. So much of it is right now is Ryan. He kind of sets his own timetable. I’m quite certain American Horror Story and Pose are on an annual cycle. With Crime Story and Feud they’re on a cycle of when the material is good enough and when is Ryan willing and able to slot that into his schedule. So I think there will be more cycles, but I’m not really in control of that.”

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