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August 03, 2018 at 10:44 AM EDT
Big Brother
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Rachel Swindler performs for a living, and the 29-year-old Vegas entertainer put on quite the show after being evicted from the Big Brother house last night. After listening to Brett tear her apart during his final speech and then learning that her own alliance voted her out, Rachel made a mad dash for the door, culminating in one of the most shell-shocked exit interviews with host Julie Chen in Big Brother history.

Rachel called into EW Morning Live (Entertainment Weekly Radio, SiriusXM, channel 105) less than 12 hours after her eviction and the wounds were still fresh. We asked the fifth person booted from the game how she felt about being betrayed by her alliance, and Angela in particular. (Hint: not good!) Here are some highlights from our chat, including some strong words about the woman who betrayed her.

EW RADIO: I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone as shell-shocked as you were after an eviction. Tell us what was going through your mind as you heard it was you and then made that mad dash out of the house.
RACHEL SWINDLER: I didn’t know what to think. While Brett was doing his speech I was like, Something’s going down. I don’t know what it is. And when I got evicted I just wanted to get the hell up out of there because I had nothing nice to say. I was just so shocked. I didn’t know who had wronged me at the time. I should have known right in the moment who had wronged me.

I wish I had known because then I would have thrown all of their games under the bus. But at the time I was like, I don’t know what’s going on. I need to get out of here before I start to word vomit. So I got out of there. And then finding out it was actually my alliance, I mean, whatever. It happened. It’s Big Brother. I’m angry, but I understand it’s a game and I’m sure I will be going up and down with my emotions for the next couple of days and weeks following this, but I do have to remember it’s a game.

Why do you think your alliance of Level 6 chose Brett to stay over you?
Because Brett is a big target in the house. There are a couple of things I feel like happened. I trusted the wrong person. I trusted Angela and she backstabbed me. I needed a ride or die in the game and I thought she was that person for me and she wasn’t. I was trying to look out for her with this freakin’ power thing too! And she took advantage of that.

I didn’t have a close relationship with Tyler. I started to question Tyler. I got really emotional this week so a lot of my emotions went a little haywire and I think that definitely Kaycee and Angela saw that about me and probably didn’t want to associate themselves with me anymore. I think Tyler lied about a lot of stuff and wanted Brett to stay so they concocted a plan maybe. Something happened and it started happening after the veto.

What were you thinking after Brett made that crazy speech and threw you under the bus?
I still thought I was safe! I was like, Oh, this is just Brett making a last-ditch effort to save himself by putting on a spectacle. Because in the house he was wasn’t talking to me or making eye contact with me. I didn’t see him and any of our alliance members going off in rooms and talking. I didn’t see a lot of sneaking around going on so I thought I was good. I was trying to keep my composure because I didn’t know which way the vote was going to go. I was already plotting out what I was going to do if I stayed to deal with this mess that he created and how I was going to get out of it. And then I was evicted and was in such shock I just wanted to leave.

Angela was pretty harsh in her goodbye words to you, even saying, “Our final two deal is about as irrelevant as you were week two.” How much did it hurt to hear that?
I don’t really have [many] nice things to say about Angela. I really can’t wait until finale night because I will definitely be giving her a piece of my mind. Whatever. It’s a game and I guess she’s just a nasty person inside, and I didn’t expect that from her. Oh my God, thanks for reminding about that comment because I f—ing forgot about that. I have nothing to say about Angela. She’s irrelevant herself. She walks around the house, does nothing, sleeps all the time, is lazy and whatever. I’m going to be the better person and not talk s— on her right now. But I’ve got a whole speech ready for finale night!

Have you been able to piece together what would give her cause to say those things?
No, I have no idea why she wouldn’t want to work with me. I don’t know what I did to her throughout this game for her to say, “Our final two deal is irrelevant.” I don’t know what I did to her. She made me believe that she was working with me 100% and we were a team together. I saw Angela and I was like, she’s a beautiful woman and I’m a beautiful girl. You never see this in Big Brother where the two strong, beautiful women team together and it actually works, and I really, really wanted that to the end of this game. And it didn’t happen. And she showed her true colors and that’s the type of person she is. And I hope when she gets out of here that she gets exactly what’s coming to her.

From what you saw while you were in there, who is playing the best game?
The person who is playing the best game is Tyler. I feel like Tyler or Brett will get themselves evicted over the next two weeks. Bayleigh has the power to put up the nominations, and if she’s smart she’ll figure who the liars are in the house. I’m really scared she is not going to figure it out, but I hope she does. I saw how hard Tyler was working this past week because I was hearing comments from people. I had a conversation with Rockstar at one point and she was like “Yeah, I was in the bathroom with Tyler and he told me he was going to be really alone and really sad after Kaitlyn left and I’m really trying to be there for him.” And I was like “Whaaaaaaaaat?” I really started this week noticing that Tyler was playing a really good game.

If you could go back and do one thing differently, what would it be?
I wouldn’t be as trusting and loyal to six people. I tried to figure out within those six people who the one or two people I could really trust were and I thought that was Angela. I thought I could really confide in her about things but I couldn’t. So not to be as trusting.

And also, not open my mouth AT ALL! I mean, I hardly said anything that I heard. Hardly ever. And I still got outed. There are people in there who are just jibber-jabbering every single thing that comes into their ear. And I’m over here trying to keep my mouth shut and I told my stuff to the wrong person. I told my stuff to Angela and she went behind my back and told my alliance and they probably didn’t trust me anymore and wanted me out. That’s where it is. I would just not open my mouth at all.

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