By Nick Romano
August 02, 2018 at 09:23 AM EDT

Now everyone can have a vocabulary like the president with “the best words.”

After another spelling error slipped into one of President Donald Trump‘s recent tweets — this time referring to a “smocking gun” instead of a “smoking gun” — Jimmy Kimmel introduced Scrabull, a new board game designed to let players “spell the presidential way.”

The “Trump[ed] up” spoof of Scrabble comes with “pure elephant tusk tiles” (a nod to Donald Trump Jr.’s big-game hunting), a velvet “MAGA BAGA,” a barbed wire-laced wall to hide your Scrabull pieces, and a dictionary filled with misspelled and made-up words Trump has used in real life.

It’s much easier to win Scrabull when you also have exclamation point and hashtag tiles with bonus squares like “The Most Points In the History of Points.”

And if someone wants to challenge your spelling of “unpresidented” (another word misspelled by Trump), you can always pull the “witch hunt” card.

“Spelling, as you know, is not the president’s strong suit,” Kimmel told his audience. “In fact, he spells suit with two Os. But what can you do when you can’t spell? You sell!”

Watch Kimmel’s spoof ad in the clip above.

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