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Spoiler alert: This post contains plot from the season 1 finale of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger.

Well, they did it. After a season of figuring out life with new powers, Tandy and Tyrone worked together to save their city. And in doing so, the teens completely changed their lives — whether they realize it now or not. With their superhero journeys really just beginning, the two of them will have to face, well, whatever comes their way in the show’s second season. (Cough, Brigid, cough.)

EW talked to Cloak and Dagger showrunner Joe Pokaski about the finale, those MCU references, and where the show goes from here.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tandy and Tyrone answered the call to action! Where do they go from here?
JOE POKASKI: My favorite part of the superhero genre is, “How do I balance the baggage of my own life with my responsibility?” I think when they get hit with this responsibility, these two rise to the occasion, and it does change them. When you go into season 2, now we get to enter into a study: How do you become a vigilante? And obviously the post-credits sequence kind of tees up the first challenge they’re going to face as they now have a responsibility to help people.

So is Brigid the villain?
We can say that Brigid will be one of the first big scary things they come up against.

I loved the role reversal at the end of the season. What new opportunities does that present for you all in terms of story?
Olivia [Holt] and Aubrey [Joseph] play these characters so well, and so it makes our job a little easier to talk about, “Well, let’s explore them in different environments.” In a weird way, probably the most uncomfortable place for Tandy to be is back with her mom. But I think putting her back in a family environment will allow her to explore a side of her she’s neglected. Then Tyrone, it’s the exact opposite. He was always surrounded by these supportive parents and given these opportunities to study and to play basketball, and what does his life become when all of that’s taken away? Who is Tyrone without the facade that he’s put up, without the brave face he’s been wearing?

Is the mystery of Connors’ disappearance seemingly into Tyrone’s cloak part of season 2?
Yes, we’re leaving a few questions unanswered on purpose. We want to make sure we’re laying an emotional foundation before things happen. In the comics, Tyrone eventually does suck people up into his cloak, and in the comic book it kind of makes them live this existence and pops them out half a man. So we want to explore the fact that Tyrone is a doorway to something and that Connors has been sucked up into that doorway. [In season 2] we’re going to step into that doorway a little more. That’s part of why I love Cloak and Dagger, they have this power set that we can unfold slowly so our characters can understand each piece of it in an emotional way.

What’s the story behind the Stark and Rand name drops?
It’s a fun little nod because it’s an amazing reminder that we live in the same world as Tony Stark and Danny Rand, and it was also kind of us saying that if these superheroes exist, if Iron Man and the Arc Reactor exist, they would actually probably affect different stockholders in different companies where all of the sudden, like a space race of old, there are probably some corporations saying, “We need to take advantage of whatever this superhero science is that’s happening.”

What are you looking forward to exploring in season 2?
In season 2, you can take those training wheels off. The most exciting thing is now we have these two characters, played by these two ridiculously talented actors, and we get to explore how you become a vigilante hopefully in a way that other superhero fiction hasn’t done yet. If you do have this power to make a knife of light or teleport, how do you make the world a better place? How do you go about doing it? Where do you find trouble? How does it affect your life? I think we got to kick into high gear with the last couple episodes [of season 1], and we’ll be able to shift into a higher speed a little quicker in season 2.

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