Samantha Bee is turning her sharp, skeptical eye on another underexplored area on tonight’s installment of Full Frontal: male sexual harassment.

“Sexual harassment of men is a real problem and not a joke — despite the way we talk about it,” she says, cueing up clips of Bill Maher and Steve Martin and Martin Short making prison rape jokes, as well as scenes from shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Mike & Molly. Acknowledging the stigma for men to report such crimes, she even calls herself out for treating the problem as a women-only movement. “Many of the predators in the #MeToo era preyed on men — hashtag MenToo!” she exclaims. “There are tons of other slimeballs out there, and when we laugh at their victims, we make it easier for them to keep Kevin Spacey-ing all over the place.”

What can you do to help stop the harassment? It starts with putting a lid on those rape jokes, and Bee has crafted a PSA to address the matter with special guest Terry Crews. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, who claims he was groped at a party by a WME executive and was honored among the “Silence Breakers” for the Time Person of the Year story in 2017, has some advice for those making wisecracks about prison rape and child molesters. “I’m here to tell you how to solve that problem,” says Crews. “Stop telling those f—ing jokes!”

He and Bee offer solutions to fill the void, though, ranging from spit-takes to off-brand merchandise to, well, see for yourself in this exclusive preview of the segment before Full Frontal with Samantha Bee airs tonight at 10:30 p.m. ET on TBS.

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