By Shirley Li
August 01, 2018 at 03:16 PM EDT
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Conor Devlin (Timothy V. Murphy) has a nasty surprise ready for Alex (Priyanka Chopra).

In the exclusive clip from the series finale of ABC’s Quantico above, Alex and her team have chased Conor to his home country of Ireland, but he’s not going to give in easily. Instead, he reveals that he knows about Alex’s sojourn in Italy — and Alex concludes that he has Andrea and Isabella.

Of course, that’s not all fans should brace for when the final episode airs. EP Michael Seitzman teases that the Alex vs. Conor showdown will leave her in “a really good place, but it’s not what anyone’s expecting.” “Alex is somebody who realized that ultimately she had a higher purpose defined by her role in the FBI and how she’s going to save the world,” he explains. “By the end, her decision is not so global, but more local.”

And though Conor Devlin’s been a thorn in Alex’s side ever since episode 9, Seitzman says actor Timothy V. Murphy played a huge role in the way the season — and the series — wrapped. While putting together episode 9, Seitzman learned that production had gone over budget and to save money, they’d have to research foreign incentives and film overseas. Ireland turned out to be best the option, and luckily enough, Murphy’s character was Irish, and the writers could tweak their original plan to kill him off in episode 10. “My two problems merged,” Seitzman says. “One problem was I wanted to find a way to keep Tim Murphy on the show because he elevated the material and we all felt that no matter what we gave him, it was all very special. And my second was get some money back so we weren’t over budget. That’s how we ended up in Ireland.”

Though the cancellation news came after the season had wrapped, Seitzman says he’s pleased with how the story ends. “I feel great about the season,” he says. “We made the best show we could…. Quantico was an amazing experience for me. I think we told a big story every week, we tried to expand the show as much as we could, and we tried to make the show something that felt like a throwback to the spy movies that I grew up on. I do feel like we’ve succeeded.”

And don’t worry, the series doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. “There’s one storyline that doesn’t completely wrap up, but there are signposts in it that tell you how it will,” Seitzman promises. “[Fans] will be satisfied at the end of the season.”

Quantico airs its series finale on Friday, August 3, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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