August 01, 2018 at 08:59 AM EDT

Sean Spicer is currently on an atypical book tour for The Briefing — not a “tell-all” but a “tell-some,” he says.

While stopping at the BBC, host Emily Maitlis told Spicer to his face that he “corrupted discourse for the entire world.” Megyn Kelly on NBC then told the former White House press secretary that he lied on behalf of the president, and there was that other time a man accused Spicer in a bookstore of using a racial slur against him. Tuesday night, on the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage, Spicer was pressed by the late-night host over his relationship with President Trump.

Discussing what Spicer’s mother thought about her son’s performance at the White House, Jimmy Kimmel asked, “Did she ever say, ‘Go in there and tell that son of a b—- Trump to stop making you lie?'”

“My mother would never speak like that,” Spicer said. “She’d say, ‘I’m praying for you.’”

But that was later on in the nearly 13-minute-long interview. Kimmel started off by telling Spicer he looked like “a pimp” and asked if this was “Hollywood Sean Spicer we’re looking at.” He then went on to ask if Trump ever made Spicer cry (“no”), if Trump tweets on the toilet (“I don’t know”), and if Trump was the “best boss” Spicer ever had (“I’ve been honored to work for a lot of great people”).

Another came in the form of, “Which is more important, loyalty or the truth?”

“I don’t think it’s a binary choice,” Spicer replied. “I don’t think you have to choose one or the other.” When Kimmel pressed him a little further, Spicer conceded, “The answer is you always have to go out there and maintain your credibility to the truth.”

Then came the follow-up question: “Did you always go out there and maintain your credibility to the truth?”

“I think there were times when I went out and expressed what the president believed or a view that he had that people didn’t agree with or they were saying that that was not true and would blame me for the fact that I was communicating a view or a belief that he had,” Spicer said.

That’s why, according to him, he decided to quit the Trump administration. “I had become the story too often,” Spicer said. “That’s not a good place for a spokesperson to be.”

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