By James Hibberd
July 29, 2018 at 03:10 PM EDT
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Netflix says that they’re down for more Master of None when star Aziz Ansari is ready to emerge.

At the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Beverly Hills on Sunday, Netflix programming executive Cindy Holland was asked about Ansari’s acclaimed show, which tackles dating in New York. Master of None aired its second season in May of 2017, and there hasn’t been any update since.

“We would be happy to make another season of Master of None when Aziz is ready,” Holland said.

Ansari has largely stayed out of the public eye since an anonymous woman shared a scathing account in January of a date with the actor during which she said she felt pressured to engage in sexual activity. The “worst night of my life” article sparked some online criticism of the actor yet also some debate about what should be the boundaries of #MeToo reporting. Since then, Ansari done some stand-up in New York, where he reportedly talked about “outrage fatigue.”

The actor had previously released a statement about the date story: “In September of last year, I met a woman at a party. We exchanged numbers. We texted back and forth and eventually went on a date. We went out to dinner, and afterwards we ended up engaging in sexual activity, which by all indications was completely consensual. The next day, I got a text from her saying that although ‘it may have seemed okay,’ upon further reflection, she felt uncomfortable. It was true that everything did seem okay to me, so when I heard that it was not the case for her, I was surprised and concerned. I took her words to heart and responded privately after taking the time to process what she had said. I continue to support the movement that is happening in our culture. It is necessary and long overdue.”

At TCA on Sunday, critics also peppered Holland for updates about other Netflix shows, of which details were scarce:

Arrested Development season 6? “I actually don’t know if that’s a possibility or not, we haven’t discussed it.”

Another Gilmore Girls season? “We haven’t discussed it.”

Why Everything Sucks was canceled? “There were far fewer people than average completing the season, the audience size just wasn’t there.”

Black Mirror return? No date yet, but she’s seen some new episodes and they’re “fantastic.”

House of Cards premiere date? “I don’t have a date to announce. We are really proud of the show, I think it’s a fitting end. We always planned for season 6 to be the final season, and we are proud of what Robin [Wright] and Michael [Kelly] and the entire cast have created.”

More seasons of One Day at a Time and The Ranch? “No news. One Day is in production now, and The Ranch is in post.”

Any more Marvel shows? “The original agreement with Marvel was four series, plus The Defenders miniseries. We added The Punisher along the way. There’s an ongoing discussion that we might spin off characters but we don’t have anything to share.”

What are the Obamas going to do as part of their deal? “Its so early in the deal. We have nothing to share.”

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