By Dalton Ross
July 27, 2018 at 11:22 AM EDT
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

There was a vibrational shift in the Big Brother house Thursday night as the entire aura of the game changed. That’s because life coach Kaitlyn Herman was evicted by a vote of 9-1. Kaitlyn then had a chance to get back in the game if she could solve a “puzzle” in two-and-a-half-minutes, but was unable to do so.

How hurt was Kaitlyn to not even get Tyler or Faysal’s votes to stay? Does she regret taking a shot at Swaggy C? And what happened during the Power App puzzle challenge? We broke out all of our essential oils and asked her those questions and more after she was evicted.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First off, how is your aura after being evicted from the house?
KAITLYN HERMAN: My aura never changes. I am always going to view obstacles as opportunities. I am always going find a reason to view obstacles as opportunities and I will always choose to see a situation through a lens of love instead of fear. Nothing has changed and nothing will change.

So which hurt more, not getting Tyler’s vote to stay, or not getting Faysal’s?
Tyler, for sure. I didn’t believe Fessy at all after he didn’t use the veto on me. I thought very little of him as far as the game was concerned, but Tyler and I connected on the game level and personal level. That is the one thing I keep playing in my head, the fact that I didn’t get Tyler’s vote.

Do you think you and Faysal will be friends outside the house after everything that happened?
Absolutely. I will be friends with all of them. Fess and I created a really special friendship. I am the first girlfriend (friend that is a girl) that he has ever had. We are too deep in the friendship. At the end of the day, we played a game together and I forgive him for what he did.

Do you think Tyler genuinely cared about you, or just used you to do his bidding, especially since he did stuff like voting to keep Brett and then lying to you about it?
I know he genuinely cared about me but I also know that Tyler is not here to mess around and he wants to win the game. I was an easy person to sway and I don’t blame him. I would never play the game like he did but he is making it further than I am so you have to give credit where credit is due.

You made the huge move of taking out Swaggy C. Do you regret it since that made your alliance not trust you and put a bigger target on your back?
Yes and no. I regret sending home Swaggy C just because he was so deserving of staying in this game. He just really deserved to be there and I took the opportunity away from him. So that kills me. But on the other hand, he was the only person in the house who gave me a reason to send him home after he called me shady and a liability to his alliance; I didn’t feel safe with him. I knew that as HOH I had the power of making a big game move and I also was not promised that power ever again so I felt that I needed to do what was best for my game.

What happened during the Power App puzzle? We heard you crying in there. Did you panic, or was it just all the emotion of the night coming out next to the natural stress of a countdown clock?
It was ALL of the stress that just occurred. Coming out at once, reaching the realization that you are going home, being frustrated with yourself… it was so emotionally draining. That was the longest 2 minutes and 30 seconds of my life, but the shortest at the same time.

Finally, how would you sum up this experience and would you ever be crazy enough to do it all over again if asked?
This experience was unbelievable. It is way more challenging than you could ever expect it to be but it forces you to take a deep look inside yourself, realign with you values, and get to know people on a very personal level. I enjoyed every minute of this experience and if given the opportunity to do it again I absolutely would.

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