Samantha Bee says Time’s Up to the NRA… and the fact that NRATV’s Dana Loesch doesn’t have bangs.

On Wednesday night, the host of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee used the NRA’s own ads as inspiration for her latest dig at the organization.

Channeling Loesch’s style of promos, Bee faced the camera and said, “You go on your little screen with your scary shark eyes to tell people to make out with their guns or whatever. You make a narrative out of false context and fear-monger your followers into thinking they’re in a civil war. You use words like ‘liberty,’ ‘freedom,’ ‘late-night hosts,’ ‘Hitler.’ You have no chill.”

Then she got to the core of her takedown, which was the recent revelation about the NRA’s ties with an alleged Russian agent. Russian woman Maria Butina was arrested and indicted for allegedly conspiring to infiltrate organizations that have influence in the U.S. political arena — that includes the NRA. As reported by CNN, Butina met with high-ranking members of the National Rifle Association and attended the organization’s conventions.

“You’re caught associating yourself with one Russian agent and you just disappear. What gives?” Bee said in reference to the NRA’s silence on Butina. “I dare you to make a comment. I challenge you to tell me how it’s American for the NRA to take money from foreign agents who want to see our democracy burn. And also, Dana, I dare you to get bangs.”

Then, mocking Loesch’s “your time starts now” ad, Bee turned over an hourglass, then turned over an actual alarm clock, and then did an “orange you glad” bit.

Based on the behind-the-scenes footage from Bee’s promo, it wasn’t as easy to keep a straight face as it looked.

Watch Bee’s attack above.