Georgia state lawmaker Jason Spencer has resigned from office following an appearance on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? in which, among other things, the politician screamed the n-word multiple times.

On Sunday’s episode of the Showtime series, Spencer received anti-terror training from Cohen, who was posing as a former member of the Mossad. During these “exercises,” which can be seen in the video below, Spencer did an offensive Asian accent, dropped his pants and underwear, and yelled the n-word.

“Sacha Baron Cohen and his associates took advantage of my paralyzing fear that my family would be attacked,” Spencer told The Washington Post ahead of his resignation. “My fears were so heightened at that time, I was not thinking clearly nor could I appreciate what I was agreeing to when I participated in his ‘class.’ I was told I would be filmed as a ‘demonstration video’ to teach others the same skills in Israel. Sacha and his crew further lied to me, stating that I would be able to review and have final approval over any footage used.”

He added, “I deeply regret the language I used at his request as well as my participation in the ‘class’ in general. If I had not been so distracted by my fears, I never would have agreed to participate in the first place.”

Spencer, who previously proposed legislation barring Muslim women from wearing burqas in public, lost the primary in May, so after four terms in the Georgia House of Representatives, he was already set to leave office in a few months. His resignation is effective July 31, according to CNN.

Who Is America? airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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