By Nick Romano
July 25, 2018 at 08:56 AM EDT

As someone who’s fueled by the spirit of competition, Amy Poehler was looking for the steaks in Jimmy Fallon‘s Think Fast! game on The Tonight Show Tuesday, but found none. Fallon even said, “It doesn’t matter if the answer is right or wrong.”

“What’s the point then?” she asked. “Is there winning to this?” She didn’t quite understand, but she still totally crushed it as far as Fallon is concerned.

The game involved Fallon spitting a series of rapid-fire questions at Poehler and her answering immediately with the first thought that came to mind. “But who’s keeping score, is what I’m asking?” Poehler asked one more time before embarking on this journey with her old Saturday Night Live chum.

Thankfully, Steve Higgins was ready with a bell to ding at the end of every round so it at least sounded like Poehler was winning. “Turns out you won that round,” Fallon told his guest. “Oh, good. It was easy to tell,” she joked.

Watch the two in action above.

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