By Lynette Rice
July 24, 2018 at 02:41 PM EDT
Madam Secretary/Twitter

The woman who inspired the drama will finally appear on it, too.

The CBS drama announced Tuesday via Twitter that former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, and Madeleine Albright will appear in the season 5 premiere of Madam Secretary.

This is a first for Clinton but not for Albright, who appeared on the show in 2015. It’s the perfect place for former secretaries of state to drop by since Tea Leoni plays Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord on the drama.

“Having three powerhouses of diplomacy agree to come on our show is awe-inspiring and humbling. And that we were able to find a time in their busy schedules when they were all available is a miracle,” executive producer Lori McCreary said in a statement.

It’ll be a big season for Elizabeth on Madam Secretary. At the end of last season, she revealed her plans to run for president. Executive producer/creator Barbara Hall told EW that this coming season will be about the State Department, because she still has her job. But we will pull back the curtain on what the process is, once someone decides to run. We really like to reveal process on this show, so we’ll will start the research and do stories about what she discovers along the way.”