Netflix is about to be taken over by a tidal wave of Shonda Rhimes. The powerhouse producer behind Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and Scandal has announced the new slate of programs she is developing for the streaming giant.

“I wanted the new Shondaland to be a place where we expand the types of stories we tell, where my fellow talented creatives could thrive and make their best work and where we as a team come to the office each day filled with excitement,” said Rhimes in a statement. “Ted and Cindy and everyone at Netflix have been incredible partners in making that happen. This is Shondaland 2.0.”

Rhimes, Betsy Beers, and their team will be producing eight shows:

Untitled Shonda Rhimes Project: Based on the true story of Anna Delvey, the Manhattan socialite/con-woman, as written about in New York Magazine. This show, previously announced, will be both executive produced and created by Rhimes.

Untitled Bridgerton Project: A “smart feminist take on Regency England romance,” based on Julia Quinn’s bestselling novel, to be adapted and showrun by Scandal veteran Chris Van Dusen.

The Warmth of Other Suns: An adaptation of the Pulitzer-Prize winning Isabel Wilkerson’s novel about African-Americans feeling the Jim Crow South, to be adapted by Anna Deavere Smith.

Pico & Sepulveda: A 1840s set drama about the then-Mexican state of California as America threatens war, created by Janet Leahy.

Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Chance: An adaptation of Silicon Valley investor-turned activist Ellen Pao’s memoir.

The Residence: Based on Kate Andersen Bower’s book of the same name, The Residence will offer a “vividly accurate insider’s account of White House residence staffers and the upstairs downstairs lives they share with the First Families.”

Sunshine Scouts: Created by writer-actress Jill Alexander, the show will be a half-hour comedy about an apocalyptic disaster that hits a group of teenage girls at sleepaway camp.

Hot Chocolate Nutcracker: A documentary look at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy’s re-imagining of the classic ballet, with an inclusive cast and blend of dance traditions. Oliver Bokelberg (Scandal) will serve as director, cinematographer, and producer.