By Lynette Rice
July 20, 2018 at 04:01 PM EDT
Big Brother
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Every week, Big Brother host Julie Chen answers our burning questions about eviction night. Today, she talks about Winston’s ouster, Rockstar’s meltdown, and the giant key wheel that we miss so much.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Bottom line it for us, Chenbot: who is more of a tool, Brett or Winston?
JULIE CHEN: Probably Winston, because he got evicted and he was blindsided! Poor guy. Brett has, as even Scottie says, a mist about him. Brett has the power of being a persuasive person. He owns his cheesiness and makes it funny. Brett was just a bit in the dark. Seems book smart but not street smart.

Were you aware that Rockstar was losing it while you were prepping for your talk with Winston? Did you go back and watch it?
I saw every word ’cause Winston and I were sitting there in a quiet studio. He was reeling from the shock of being evicted. But I had my IFB in my ear and could hear everything and see everything. Drama! Brett had to double down on his lie. He had no choice! Wow!

What did you make of Brett’s speech before the vote? Was any bit of it true?
Brett was lying! Rockstar did NOT approach him and say she was going to flip and pin it on Kaitlyn. No way. She wanted Brett gone.

Man, there were a TON of shout-outs to friends, family, veterans, and your beauty on Thursday after the eviction votes. Have you or the producers tried in the past to stop it?
We do tell them to not to do shout outs. But the houseguests get excited and truly, what can we do about it? Who wants to be the bad guy and say don’t wish your daughter a happy birthday?!?! I mean….

Why did the producers stop using the giant key wheel? We loved how the houseguests all had to begrudgingly say “thank you, [name of HOH]” when they pulled their key out.
The wheel was heavy and low-tech and we are always trying to spruce up the show and make it more modern. The screens are a great way to do that. That being said, I agree with you and personally I miss the wheel. I loved the drama of slowly one by one granting safety to the houseguests and then the two who don’t get a key are really left there feeling iced. Game on.

Which crap app would you choose if you were in that position?
I would have chosen the yell crap app. Who cares? For 24 hours get an actor to yell at you? It’s funny. Easy.

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