By Lynette Rice
July 20, 2018 at 02:26 PM EDT
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Bye bye bro!

In Thursday’s installment of Big Brother, one half of the bro alliance got snookered into thinking he was safe — and now Winston Hines can’t shake the bitterness over getting the boot! We asked the 28-year-old medical sales rep from Bowling Green, Kentucky why he stormed out of the house and who he thinks is playing dirty.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Do you regret throwing Sam’s bracelet down and leaving the house without saying goodbye?
WINSTON HINES: No. Not at all. She had a power to save me and didn’t use it. What kind of friend is that?

Brett got pretty ugly and competitive in his speech before the vote. Did you consider whether you needed to be that aggressive with your speech?
I considered it. I had a speech ready to go. Once he delivered his speech, I went heartfelt thinking he just put a nail in his coffin.

Now that you’ve had some time to think about it, why do you believe your alliance turned on you?
To keep Brett who had a bigger target on his back. Especially after that final speech. There is no doubt that half the house wants him out.

What did you make of Bayleigh’s goodbye message to you? Did you ever get along with her?
Yeah, I got along with her. I was mad that she called me out on the competitions but I never got a stroke of luck where one competition played into my skill set.

What do you think America thought of your bromance with Brett?
I don’t know. Hopefully they enjoyed it. I have a feeling it will be 50/50. We’ll see.

Who do believe are the floaters in this game? 
JC and Sam. They are playing both sides.

Who do you believe is playing the dirtiest game so far?
Define dirty. Probably Kaitlyn because she backfired her own alliance member and that is pretty dirty. But, we kind of helped her do it. Thanks!

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