By Nick Romano
July 19, 2018 at 09:23 AM EDT

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t sure how the #InMyFeelings Challenge went from dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings” to doing so while jumping out of moving cars. But now that this is our reality, Kimmel has a much safer challenge to offer chasers of viral fame.

With help from rapper Ty Dolla $ign, Kimmel introduced The Light Challenge. It’s simple: make sure you are buckled up while driving, and when you approach a yellow light, make an L shape with your hand and “slow down, clown.”

We’re not sure this will have the same impact online as the #InMyFeelings Challenge, but people seem to be taking to it, as shown in videos Kimmel aired for his audience.

Still, for the entertainment of the Jimmy Kimmel Live crowd, the host also showed a brief compilation of people falling out of their cars in #InMyFeelings Challenges gone wrong. The whole trend started when Instagram comedian Shiggy shared a video of himself dancing to “In My Feelings” in the middle of the street. The video garnered millions of views.

“It’s funny, but jumping out of a moving car is, obviously, dangerous,” Kimmel said.

Watch above.

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