The Purge TV show will track characters on the titular night of sanctioned lawlessness previously depicted in the franchise’s four movies while also deep-diving into their personal histories.

“We follow four what-seem-to-be separate story lines of people going out on the evening and experiencing the Purge,” says James DeMonaco, executive producer of the show, which debuts Sept. 4 on USA and Syfy. “The real estate of the 10 hours of the TV allows us to use flashback, where we flashback out of the Purge world, into the regular lives, the non-Purge days, of this future America. We get to see who these people are when it’s not Purge Night and the events that led them to where they are on the particular Purge night that we are following. I think it’s a great device.”

The show’s cast includes Gabriel Chavarria, who plays a Marine named Miguel. “He’s just back from being deployed, and he gets this cryptic information about his sister on Purge Night,” says the actor. “So he tries to find her before things get crazy.”

But things do get crazy when Miguel is forced to take part in a competition called “the Gauntlet.”

“It’s a death course of crazy things he has to go through in order to survive,” says Chavarria. And you thought American Ninja Warrior was hardcore.

Watch a trailer for The Purge TV show above and see an exclusive image of Chavarria on the series, below.

The Purge - Season 1
Credit: Patti Perret/USA Network