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It’s a … mutant! Thanks to a six-month time jump, season 2 begins with Polaris (Emma Dumont) about to give birth — a dangerous act, given her powers, which is why she’s inside a sealed facility (seen below in EW’s exclusive photo) to handle any, well, complications. “We saw at the end of last season that the baby really affected her powers and made her stronger,” Dumont says. “We don’t know what this labor will do.”

At least she’s got Reeva Payge (Empire‘s Grace Byers), a new mutant introduced this season. Reeva, who can produce sonic blasts that scramble minds, reigns over a group called the Inner Circle and is hell(fire)-bent on making sure Polaris survives. “They have big plans, and Polaris is a big part of those plans,” creator Matt Nix explains.

Credit: Steve Dietl/FOX

But before those plans can be put into action, Polaris and her baby need to survive the birth — an event Dumont points out will make Marvel screen history. “We’ve never seen in any Marvel media, and sort of show or TV, a mutant pregnancy and then a mutant delivery,” she says. “This is kind of a pinnacle moment. I feel very honored to be part of Marvel history in this way. It’s super cool!”

Still, more mutants simply means more problems for Polaris, who’s used to being in control. As much as Reeva wants to make sure Polaris survives, the pair don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. “When you get two alphas in the same space, there will be tension,” Dumont teases. “Reeva makes Polaris look mild.”

The same goes for Polaris and the Frost sisters (Skyler Samuels) — “The triplets and Polaris are not friends,” Dumont says — but Andy Strucker (Percy Hynes White) and his new hairdo has become an unlikely ally. “Polaris has actually grown really close with Andy,” Dumont explains. “They see each other as the only people they can trust in this situation… Polaris definitely takes on a mentorship role with Andy.” Old habits for former Mutant Underground leaders die hard, it seems.

The Gifted returns Sept. 25 on Fox.

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