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On Thursday, Swaggy C — a.k.a. Chris Williams — became the second houseguest to get the boot on Big Brother. We asked the 23-year-old day trader from Bridgeport, Connecticut about the 8-to-4 vote to evict him and how he went about deciding what to wear on a daily basis.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The most important question first: how many personalized Swaggy T-shirts did you bring into the house?

Did you ever NOT wear a Swaggy T-shirt in the house?
I think it took me about two weeks before I wore a basic T-shirt and that was because I ran out of shirts and had to do laundry.

When you heard the vote was 8-4, did you know you were history? Or were you still surprised?
When I heard, I thought it might be for me to stay but once Julie said I was evicted, I wasn’t mad. It was lopsided and I would rather have that than Kaitlyn break the tie and send me home.

What did you think of all those tears that Kaitlyn shed after she backdoored you? Do you think they were real?
NO! I don’t care about Kaitlyn and her namaste stuff! They don’t mean a difference to me.

You told Sam your backstory about your childhood and your absentee dad. Did you share that with anyone else in an attempt to save yourself for eviction?
No, I felt like that would have worked for Sam and it would have pulled on her heartstrings. It didn’t hurt me anymore but I wanted to make it seem like it still hurt me. I just used it to try and get a vote from Sam.

Did you pretty much know from day one in the house that you’d fall for Bayleigh?
No! Not even remotely close. I tried to fight it as much as I could. As the days progressed, I realized I couldn’t fight it anymore. I held off as long as I could – nine days, even though we kissed after six.

You were frequently intimate with Bayleigh. Did you try to hide it from the cameras or can you honestly say that you just kind of forget that they are there?
We knew they were there but we didn’t care.

Are you going to sell Swaggy C T-shirts now?
Nope! I didn’t wear them to sell them, I wore them for myself. That’s why I threw them into the crowd, I didn’t care.

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