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Every week, Big Brother host Julie Chen answers our burning questions after Thursday’s evictions. Today, she tackles the latest evictee Swaggy C, Tyler’s game, and who makes her cringe these days.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What did you think of Tyler’s decision to take Scottie rather than Winston off the block?
He had to take Scottie off otherwise he would have risked exposing the fact that he was in an alliance with Winston and that means Brett and obviously Angela and Rachel.

Swaggy C obviously made for good television because he comes across as such an egomaniac. But sitting across from him, did you think he was really that arrogant?
Swaggy’s arrogance to me, is an act to make up for any insecurities he has. It helps make him feel confident. It’s a security blanket. I think he was deeply hurt and confused and had his ego crushed getting votes out second. Once the live interview was over he turned to give me a hug goodbye. Like a little kid. I think underneath the swagger is a good kid looking for assurances in life.

You tweeted about Tyler’s game being so good, 23 days in. What about his game has you thinking he’s The Man, at least right now?
Tyler is still sitting pretty — no enemies, no blood on his hands. He has a good handle of what’s happening in the house and he has everyone feeling like he’s their friend while he secretly dictates who should be targeted and evicted. He’s also great at competitions. He’s still the one to beat!

What did you think of Kaitlyn’s “poor me” performance? Did you buy her tears?
I did buy Kaitlyn’s “poor me” pity party. I think she’s insecure and a bit lost about who to trust in the house. She also seems to have fallen for Faysal but knows she can’t be with him. Plus, being in the house and playing the game will mess with your head! Even Swaggy said that happened to him the minute he entered the house.

At this point in the game, whose behavior embarrasses you and/or makes you cringe?
Swaggy was making me cringe when he compared himself to LeBron James. Kaitlyn sometimes makes me cringe when I see her acting like a woman scorned whenever she sees Haleigh and Faysal getting close to one another.

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