Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos committed a cardinal sin of the geek Bible, and Zachary Quinto couldn't let him off the hook.

"Here now with Zachary Quinto, you know him as Spock from Star Wars," Stephanopoulos began their interview on Thursday. Spock, if you are familiar with such things, is a member of the Star Trek universe, not Star Wars.

"Star Trek, George! Star Trek," Quinto corrected.

Stephanopoulos was clearly embarrassed by the mix-up and laughed about how much "hate mail" he would surely receive on Twitter. "Can you absolve me right now?" he asked Quinto, who replied, "I'm out of this."

Though, he graciously followed that tease up with, "I'm joking. Of course, of course. It's an honest mistake."

Quinto appeared on Good Morning America to discuss his role on In Search Of, an upcoming docu-series that kicks off on the History Channel on July 20. Quinto follows in the footsteps of Leonard Nimoy as host and executive producer. Not only did Nimoy play Spock across the Star Trek franchise, he also featured on the original In Search Of from the 1970s and '80s.

Quinto brought up his relationship with the late actor and Stephanopoulos got in another laugh at his earlier snafu by clarifying Nimoy is "not from Star Wars."

Watch the moment in the video above.

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