Former congressman and radio host claims Sacha Baron Cohen duped him with fake award ceremony


Sacha Baron Cohen has apparently added another target to his collection.

Congressman-turned-radio host Joe Walsh took to Twitter to claim that he, too, was duped by Baron Cohen for his new prank comedy series on Showtime — and is calling for a boycott of the show.

Walsh alleges that Baron Cohen’s team set him up in a Washington D.C. hotel in February to take part in a bogus pro-Israel event that bestowed him with an award for his “Significant Contributions to the State of Israel.” Walsh said he was told that past recipients included luminaries like Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch, Bono, and Steven Spielberg.

“Dressing up as a wounded veteran is absolutely stolen valor, his tactics are disguisting [sic],” wrote the conservative talk radio host of The Joe Walsh Show host. “He’s a comedian, and he can be funny, but mocking a disabled veteran to spoof [Sarah Palin] is a serious matter. I am just telling you what I encountered — it was much of the same she experienced.”

“We started talking pro-Israel stuff, Israeli defense, and then out of left field the interviewer starts talking about how children should defend themselves against terrorist attacks,” he continued. “I understand Israel handles security very differently than how America handles security — interviewer showed several articles involving children stopping terrorists — stuff like that. They had me read off a teleprompter — I stopped and questioned their direction. And just like that producers rushed me out of the studio as an apparent fight broke out. Strangest interview of my life — don’t think they spoofed me very much…”

He joins former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin among those who have preemptively gone public to announce they were duped by the actor-comedian ahead of his show’s Sunday night debut.

Here’s Walsh’s story complete with some photos:

Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? debuts Sunday at midnight on Showtime.

UPDATE: Controversial former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama Roy Moore apparently was duped into participating in the same fake pro-Israel award ceremony as Joe Walsh:

A network representative said they have no comment on the controversy.