“Welcome, citizens one and all, to the Hungry to Leave Power Games.”

Stephen Colbert brought back his Hunger Games persona as a going-away gift for Scott Pruitt, another member of Donald Trump‘s White House on his way out. “Tonight, citizens, we honor EPA head Scott Pruitt, a man whose only flaw was being terrible.”

Colbert previously donned his Caesar Flickerman costume for the 2016 Republican National Convention, where he kicked off his Hungry for Power Games. Now, Colbert’s reminding everyone how Pruitt decided not to ban chlorpyrifos, the “pesticide that health studies show can harm children’s brains,” and how he spent tax payer money on security, “unnecessary trips,” and fountain pens.

The segment didn’t go exactly as planned. Colbert took out a spray bottle while talking about chlorpyrifos, but the mist clouded his glasses. Later on, he did a bit that involved massaging Arby’s horsey sauce onto the bald head of his “tongue-less man servant” named Andrew. “This is why you do this s— in rehearsal,” Colbert laughed.

“Now, let us bid farewell to the fallen,” he said. Just as Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen looked up to the sky during the Hunger Games to see the fallen tributes, Colbert did the same with those who’ve “fallen” off the Trump administration. A projection lit up the studio’s ceiling with an image of Pruitt from “District Fancy Pens.”

“Goodbye, Scott Pruitt. And remember to stay moisturized in hell,” he said.

The Hunger Games
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