Goofy mustaches, floppy hats, and angels appearing to teenagers? Must mean it’s time for Drunk History‘s rendition of the tale of Joan of Arc. In a new clip from an upcoming episode of the educational and fun Comedy Central series, Hillary Anne Matthews (Alex, Inc.) sips on whiskey and narrates the story of the French heroine played by Grease: Live‘s Vanessa Hudgens in this telling.

The story begins in France in 1412 amidst the raging Hundred Years’ war where a peasant 13-year-old Joan (Hudgens) is frolicking in fields picking flowers when three angles appear to her with a mission she must undertake — initially just that she go to church and be chill. Meanwhile, King Charles VI of France is signing a peace treaty to end the war but in doing so will disinherit his son from the throne. That’s when the angels reappear to Joan and tell her she now is required to lead France to victory get the king’s son Charles of Valois crowned as the country’s rightful king. “You guys!” responds Joan in this telling of historic events. “That’s not what you told me the first time, you guys!”

Despite her initial reluctance, Joan runs away from home to enlist the help of Lord Baudricourt, informing him she’s here on the bidding of God via voices in her head. As you can imagine that goes down well. Luckily, she has some followers out there and despite Charles of Valois attempt at hoodwinking young Joan, in the end she earns a slow clap and an army from the would-be monarch.

Watch the clip above (or consult your memory) to see if Joan survives the attack against the English, rogue arrows, taking Paris and being burned at the stake. As Matthews puts it in the clip, “Oh god the Middle Ages; I’m glad we’re not in them. Too harsh to women and the breath was bad.”

Drunk History airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

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