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July 06, 2018 at 11:19 AM EDT
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Big Brother has claimed its first victim of season 20. Former undercover cop Steve Arienta, 40, was evicted by a vote of 7-6 after the annoyingly titled Level 6 alliance flipped aura-obsessed life coach Kaitlyn to save half-human/half-robot Sam. (Yes, that is an actual sentence that I just wrote.)

What went wrong for Steve? How much does it hurt to be the first eliminated contestant? And what would he change if he could go back and do it all over again? We asked Steve all that and more when he called into EW Morning Live (Entertainment Weekly Radio, SiriusXM, channel 105) on Friday morning. Here are some highlights from our chat.

EW RADIO: How much does it hurt to be the very first person voted out?
STEVE ARIENTA: It stings. I came to play, and obviously a lot went wrong real quick. I was just proud to be a part of this alumni. It’s a great cast this season and I can’t say enough good things about all of them. I think the world of all of them.

When did you realize you might be in some trouble?
I kind of knew it right off the bat, to be honest with you. The level this season with their physical abilities and intelligence and they’re so sweet and smart — they really are at a different level. So I knew right off the bat my hands were really full on day 1.

You were the oldest person in the house. Was there a generational gap that helped do you in, do you think?
The truth is, there is a generational gap. There was a unique technological gap. They were doing things on social media that I’m not familiar with. I have daughters that are very similar in age to many of them so the way I was able to connect with a lot of them was through a parental way. So yeah, there was that gap, but it wasn’t something we couldn’t overcome by using a parental route.

Talk about your alliance with Scottie, because he seemed your biggest partner in the house, but you two were a bit of an odd couple.
It is a odd couple. When you go into a house like that, people are going to gravitate to similarities like age, background, and so on. And there are not too many people with my background, but Scottie was a little quirky right off the bat. He hung out a lot in the kitchen, so when I would go to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and sit down at the counter, there was Scottie. Eventually we started talking. We became friendlier and friendlier. He started to confide in me. It just seemed odd, but yes, he was my closest ally in the house.

If you could go back and change one thing about how you played in the house that maybe could have led to a different result, what would it be?
When Winston and Brett took me into the Geometry room, right when Swaggy and Faysal started to formulate their alliance, I would have been a lot stronger and tighter with the bros. That’s one of the things where I can see where I made a mistake. I underestimated Brett and Winston — the bros. The truth is, they’re great guys. They pulled me in because they felt that the numbers were going against them. They told me right off the bat that things were formulating and they needed me. And I said, “Sure. Absolutely. I’m with you day 1.” But my actions were starting to steer towards Faysal and Swaggy. So they sensed it too. They’re smart enough to have realized that. So that’s what I would have changed. I would have started to get closer to the bros than going with Swaggy and Faysal — only because of the numbers in the game.

Do you know who flipped on you?
I can already see that that bros voted against me, so that’s two. I originally anticipated the 7-6, but I anticipated it being my way. Obviously, they had somebody flip or there could have been a power-up used — I do not know that. I don’t want to call anybody out, but the one person I saw hanging out with them and that might have flipped was Haleigh. So, in my mind, it was the bros and Haleigh that made 7, and that left me one short.

What was it like sharing the house with a robot?
It was weird. You’d forget she was in the room. You’d forget she was outside staring at the whole group sitting on the couch. So maybe you wanted to start talking game… like one time Faysal starting talking game and I looked right up and I’m looking at blue eyes and a mouth staring at me and I know that he doesn’t want to talk game in front of Sam, so I had to shut him up real quick. It got weird.

Whom are you rooting for to win?
At this point in the game it’s gotta be Scottie too hottie! He was my right hand man. He was my ride or die. I hope he does great.

Whom do you think got the trending power app?
Rockstar started telling everybody and we started getting it into our head that Brett got the power app. Because when he came out of the power app store he immediately yelled “BOYS NIGHT OUT!” trying maybe to cover how happy he was that he got it. My honest opinion was I thought Angela got the power app because she had faced off with Swaggy on the surfboard and did a great job. And then Swaggy didn’t pick her group to save, which in essence would have saved me this week. So I thought it was Angela. My group’s opinion was that it was Brett. So I don’t know.

Who is someone you think is in trouble in the house?
Right now Faysal and Swaggy are going to be combing trying to figure out who flipped on the vote. I know Rockstar’s name was mentioned numerous times by the other alliance. I know Winston’s name was mentioned numerous times by Swaggy and Faysal. It all depends on who won the Head of Household last night, which I don’t even know yet.

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