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Here at EW, we definitely have a case of “Doctor Who fever” in anticipation of Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the titular time traveler on the show, which returns to BBC America this fall. Either that, or we contracted something nasty during that recent off-site on the planet Betelgeuse. Regardless, EW can exclusively announce that this September will see the publication of comic Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 0 – The Many Lives Of Doctor Who, which leads directly into the brand new Thirteenth Doctor comic series. That series launches this fall in the U.S. and U.K. and is a collaboration between Titan Comics and BBC Studios.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 0 finds the Doctor regenerating from Peter Capaldi’s twelfth incarnation to Whittaker’s thirteenth, and reliving unseen adventures from all of the Time Lord’s past selves, from Classic through to New Who.

Credit: BBC

The creative team behind the comic includes writer Richard Dinnick and artists Mariano Laclaustra, Giorgia Sposito, Arianna Florean, Iolanda Zanfardino, Brian Williamson, Claudia Ianniciello, and Rachael Stott, the artist of Titan’s new Thirteenth Doctor series. The special 64-page comic comes with two covers, by Claudia Ianniciello and Will Brooks.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 0 – The Many Lives Of Doctor Who is available at bookstores and comic shops starting in September, and will be available to read on digital devices.

Check out more exclusive shots from the comic below.

Credit: Mariano Laclaustra/Carlos Cabrera/BBC
Credit: Giorgia Sposito/BBC
Credit: Arianna Florean/Adele Matera/BBC
Credit: Giorgia Sposito/BBC
Credit: Mariano Laclaustra/Carlos Cabrera/BBC
Credit: Iolanda Zanfardino/BBC
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