By Dan Snierson
June 28, 2018 at 12:01 PM EDT

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If you watched all five seasons of Breaking Bad, you bore witness to plenty of death (of humans) and destruction (of property and family), as Walter White (Bryan Cranston) morphed from ineffectual high school chemistry teacher to megalomaniacal meth lord. Some casualties cut deeper than others, such as the murder of Hank Schrader (Dean Norris), who was fatally shot by the neo-Nazis in the desert as Walt looked on in shock/horror.

Betsy Brandt, who played Hank’s intense wife Marie, plunged into denial when she learned that Hank had been marked for death, which Marie finds out and collapses in anguish when Walt menacingly tells Skyler, “You’re never going to see Hank again.” As the cast was emailing each other when the script was released, “I said, ‘If I don’t read it, does that mean it won’t happen?’ Brandt recalls during an interview that reunited the cast for this week’s EW cover story and PeopleTV special.

“I still have not seen that scene, because I…just can’t…watch them drag you,” she says, eyes beet-red and turning to Norris. “And I just can’t…I just can’t. And I get that it’s pretend. It’s not like I text like Marie all day and expect you guys to show up at my house wearing purple… It was so fun to be a part of that relationship, because they were, you know, flawed, maybe, but such good people — and to be part of the love. And I just thought, ‘Hank should be in the world,’ you know? The world is better off with some people in it, and he’s one of them. Like, he should’ve been in it. And I still, I just — I can’t watch it.”

You, on the other hand, can watch the entire episode of Entertainment Weekly Cast Reunions: Breaking Bad by streaming it on or downloading the PeopleTV app.

To see a gallery of photos from the big Bad reunion — including a group shot you will not want to miss — tread not-so-lightly over here.

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