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Melania Trump‘s jacket was just the tip of the sartorial iceberg.

Stephen Colbert brought back Laura Benanti to The Late Show on Tuesday to once again impersonate the first lady — and she came with a whole lot more “complicit” clothing items.

The real Trump came under fire when she went to visit a detention facility while sporting a jacket with the words “I Really Don’t Care About This. Do U?” But the fake Trump added a “F the Kids” cap and a “Believe My Clothing” T-shirt.

“Did you intend to send that callous message?” Colbert asked. “Absolutely not,” Benanti’s Trump replied, but then gave a wink.

Questions arose as to whether or not the real first lady is complicit in her husband’s policies, including the “zero-tolerance” policy on immigration that saw thousands of children taken from their parents. To close the book on that debate, Benanti’s Trump revealed her new jacket, which stated, “How Many More Monstrous Acts Do I Have to Support Before People Finally Start Seeing Me as Complicit In All This?”

“I’m starting to think your clothes are a purposeful distraction from the heartbreaking images we’ve seen from the detention centers,” Colbert commented. Fake Trump then interrupted by suggesting he do a whole monologue about her plans to wear a “Murder All the Penguins” scarf to an upcoming global warming summit.

Watch the clip of Benanti’s return to The Late Show above.

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