By Nick Romano
June 27, 2018 at 08:50 AM EDT

It’s a debate that has split friends, families, nations, but now it’s over… or maybe it’s only the beginning.

Shaquille O’Neal, appearing on The Tonight Show, played a super chill game of Blow Your Mind, Jimmy Fallon‘s trivia game where you’re blasted in the face with an air canon for every wrong answer. The former basketball star’s final question from the overseeing floating head of Questlove was this: “Is it pronounced ‘gif’ or ‘jif’?”

“Black people say gif,” O’Neal replied, so that was his answer. Was it the right one? According to Questlove and the air canon, no. As it were, GIF creator Steve Wilhite once declared it to be pronounced the “jif” way. (If you ask this writer, they all need to reevaluate the facts.)

This question capped off a few rounds that included trivia questions about turning a cat into a telephone and, more importantly, O’Neal’s personal record for three-point shots — the latter of which stumped Fallon.

Watch video from their game in the clip above.

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