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Westworld (TV series)

Amid all the plot twists and revelations in the Westworld season 2 finale, there was one that some fans have missed (spoilers below).

In that scene on the beach near the very end of “The Passenger,” Dolores is stopped by the park’s security chief Stubbs on her way to the boats. Dolores has slyly placed her mind into a printout of Delos corporate executive Charlotte Hale to escape the park. But in their chat, Stubbs is also revealed to be a secret host.

The nuanced dialogue in their exchange makes this unclear because it could seem like Stubbs is merely saying he knows he’s talking to Dolores by using language that phrases his replies in rather host-like terms.

But we’ve been told that that, yes, in fact, Stubbs is a host — and director Frederick A.O. Toye is also confirming the same in interviews (and that actor Luke Hemsworth was rather shocked).

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One big tip-off is the fact that Stubbs isn’t fooled by her seemingly perfect disguise — he’s able to sense that he’s talking to a host and not Hale, and seems quite clear on this from the start.

Plus, in their dialogue, when he says that he was one of Ford’s first hires and noted that being responsible for the hosts is his “main drive.”

So Stubbs is yet another way Ford has put his thumb on the scale to enable Dolores to escape.

Yet Stubbs is still a bit torn on what his purpose is now, and notes that everything he’s seen since the QA team arrived has muddied the waters, ethically speaking.

The move sets up Hemsworth’s character for a far more intriguing role to play in season 3, and also puts him in a position to potentially help Maeve who currently lays dead on the beach just a few feet away.

EW has an interview with showrunner Jonathan Nolan right here where the showrunner answers our burning questions about the finale and season 3.

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