By Maureen Lee Lenker
June 25, 2018 at 05:14 PM EDT

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Twenty years after its premiere, Felicity still endures, and as the star of the series, Keri Russell has some special insight into its legacy.

“To me, the beauty of the show was always this really simple idea that I feel is very relatable,” she said at an ATX Television Festival reunion, co-presented by EW and Hulu, celebrating the 20th anniversary of this show’s premiere. “I feel like everyone at some point can look back at this moment and think, ‘I just wish I would’ve chosen him’ or ‘I wish I would’ve taken that chance and done that.'”

She went on to talk about the success of the series, saying, “I think that’s what they grabbed so well. That was the sweetness and the beauty and the truth of the show, and that’s what we got to live out through Felicity.

Russell and many of the show’s stars have since gone on to lengthy careers, but Felicity was a launchpad for many young actors — all of whom still hold a great fondness for the series.

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