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David Simon, the creator of The Wire who had been barred from Twitter, took no prisoners in his return to the social media platform. “F—mooks,” “horses— cowardice,” “gutlessness,” and “bes—-ed hypocrites” were just some of the insults lodged against Twitter, the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey, and trolls on the platform when his account had finally been reinstated.

“@jack, @twitter, @TwitterSupport: Still waiting for a cogent explanation of why the common rhetoric of telling a–holes to drop dead is prohibited on your s—hole platform,” Simon tweeted on Friday night. “But allowing said a–holes to slander women who have had children kidnapped is fine by you…”

He further slammed Twitter for blocking him while seemingly giving a platform to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ “unevidenced assertion that [Anthony] Bourdain’s murder” was caused “by Deep-State liberals,” as well as a pedestal for “a–holes who slander 14-year-old Holocaust survivors” and “a lying f—mook who is saying that a woman who has had her child kidnapped is a criminal who deserves that fate.”

Though the tweets began on Friday night, Simon clarified his account had been reinstated a week prior. EW has reached out to Twitter for comment.

Simon, who also co-created HBO’s Treme and The Deuce, insinuated his Twitter account had been suspended after tweeting a particularly NSFW dig to a Trump supporter who claimed the administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy was similar to other administrations. “You empty s—crest,” Simon responded at the time. “‘This kind of thing’ is a new policy announced proudly by Jeff Sessions and adopted only by this administration. You should die of a slow moving veneral rash that settles in your lying throat.”

In a thread spanning more than a dozen tweets, the showrunner continued to blast Dorsey and his platform for this apparent hypocrisy.

“Still waiting, you f—mooks, for a human intellect to engage me directly and forthrightly about the fact that I was obliged to remove posts that I can in every way defend in order to even register a complaint or appeal of a suspension,” Simon wrote.

He had also claimed in a post previously published to his website that he couldn’t comment on the death of his friend, chef Anthony Bourdain, because of his Twitter exile. “Still waiting for you to either restore those posts or provide any response to your conduct, which includes barring me from commenting on the death of friend, while some s—troll remains on Twitter unmolested, declaring – unevidenced – that the death was a political murder,” he replied, alluding to Jones.

Simon further trashed “the tone-deaf abdication of fundamental ethics” by Twitter, calling Dorsey’s “algorithms” and “ethos here” to be “fecal.”

“I’d be delighted to debate and discuss this abject failure by Twitter openly with any representative of this soulless platform provided an actual human can be engaged. But I have no expectations, @jack,” Simon tweeted. “The remote gutlessness of this one-sided dynamic is no bug, but a feature.”

He concluded his thread by telling Dorsey to “die of boils,” while clarifying that, much like the tweets for which he was apparently banned from Twitter, these new ones are not “threats” but “insults.”

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