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This year marks the 20th anniversary of Felicity‘s premiere, and the cast is still thinking about that mind warp of a finale. During the show’s reunion panel at the ATX Television Festival, co-presented by EW and Hulu, cast members including Keri Russell, Scott Foley, and Scott Speedman looked back on Felicity Porter’s decision to choose Ben (Speedman).

“I thought it was so clever,” Amanda Foreman, who played Felicity’s Goth roommate Meghan, said. “I mean, they had ended the show. The show was done, so then they’re like, come back, what are you gonna do, show Felicity after college and now she’s gotten an apartment off-campus at Berkeley or whatever? Who wants to see that?”

Foreman went on to comment how the time-travel element of Felicity waking up in her bed Wizard of Oz-style “was a really fun thing.” Felicity “was questioning if she made the right decision picking Ben because Ben turned out to be kind of a turd… just saying!” she said. “I know people didn’t like it but I liked it. She had to go back and make a different choice.”

“It all makes sense to me now,” Foley, who took on the other point of the main love triangle, Noel, chimed in. “She chose Ben because I died. Noel wasn’t even a choice! She had no options! There was no one else.”

Amy Jo Johnson, Tangi Miller, Greg Grunberg, Ian Gomez, and executive producer Lawrence Trilling were also present for the reunion panel.

Watch the clip from the big get-together above.


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