Witness the parallels between the Mad Titan and the President of the United States

Whenever The Late Show brings Stephen Colbert face-to-face with an actor behind an iconic genre villain, he never misses the opportunity to have them read some of President Donald Trump’s tweets in character. The latest was Josh Brolin, who came on the show Tuesday to advertise his latest summer 2018 blockbuster, Sicario: Day of the Soldado. Brolin’s most famous role this summer, however, was undoubtedly as the supervillain Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. So, after arm-wrestling and autographing Brolin’s chest, Colbert got around to asking him to read Trump tweets in his Thanos voice.

First, they discussed parallels between the two figures. Brolin compared Thanos to Trump in terms of both of them manifesting a “callous” response to a pressing problem. In Thanos’ case, the problem was the overpopulation and limited resources of his universe. Colbert pointed out that he could have used the Infinity Gauntlet to double the resources instead of killing half the population.

“He could, but he didn’t think of that in that moment, because he’s too callous,” Brolin says. “The manifestation is callous. And if you look at Trump, I think yes there may be border problems, every border has problems with people coming over and limited resources, but how it’s manifested, especially when you bring children into it, is extremely callous.”

Then Brolin pulled on his reading glasses (“now it’s like Grandpa Thanos”) and read Trump tweets in Thanos’ gravelly cadence. As Colbert noted, the Jan. 6 tweet in which Trump said his presidential victory “would qualify as not smart, but genius….and a very stable genius at that!” does sound like something Thanos might say.

Watch the clip above.

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