Jerry Springer has refereed his last catfight and interviewed his last stripper.

After 4,000 episodes and 27 seasons, The Jerry Springer Show is calling it quits. The AP reports that NBC Universal quietly made the decision to shutter the show that has aired in syndication since 1991. Although there was no big announcement about the cancellation, the producers told the AP that “there is a possibility” of more originals in the future.

But rest assured, Springer lovers: reruns of the show will continue to air in some markets that can never get enough of all that chair-throwing.

Springer, 74, did not release a statement about the show’s cancellation, but he recently commented about rumors of the show’s demise to ET‘s Kevin Frazier. “We’ve stopped production of the show,” he said. “Whenever you make changes, it’s sad.”

Back in the day, The Jerry Springer Show began as an issues-oriented, political talk show since Springer used to work as a TV reporter. After ratings faltered, Springer tried to go after the Ricki Lake-loving younger crowd with more salacious topics like “I want my man to stop watching porn” and “Sorry I slept with your sister” — and the rest is history.

“I just do it because it’s fun to do,” Springer told ET in 2016. “And I’m not that good at golf. I think I’d go crazy [if I retired]. I’m always afraid not to be working. It’s psychological, I’m sure. If I ever have nightmares about something, it’s about not having a job, which is crazy, I know.”

At one point, Springer’s show was running a “minimum of two times a day,” TV analyst Bill Carroll told the AP. “Realistically, I don’t think the audience is able to look at the show and say, ‘that’s one from this year, or two years ago or four years ago.’ It has become so homogenous.”