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Talk about sympathy for the devil.

Netflix has made a deal to revive Lucifer, the comic-book drama that Fox axed back in March after three seasons. A now-greenlit fourth season will officially welcome the series into the streaming giant's ever-expanding stable of originals; an episode count has yet to be announced.

The eleventh-hour call came as options on Lucifer‘s main cast members were about to expire and follows a lengthy, fan-led #SaveLucifer campaign that's kept support for the series strong across the past three months.

The show stars Tom Ellis as the titular Lord of Hell, who abdicates his throne in order to become a civilian consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department, while also running his own nightclub called Lux. Lauren German costars as his detective partner, who is mysteriously immune to his supernatural powers.

This isn't the first canceled Fox series to find a new home this year, of course; Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up by NBC after that beloved comedy got the ax and fans rallied on Twitter. It's also not the first Warner Bros. Television series to live on at Netflix; A&E's Longmire came to the streaming service post-cancellation and went for three additional seasons.

Netflix announced the news (fittingly) on Twitter:

Creator Joe Henderson was quick to credit fans with the series' rescue, as was Ellis:

Lucifer was never a huge ratings performer for Fox, but its small fanbase proved atypically vocal after the cancellation. Netflix — which didn't even initially have SVOD rights to the series (those were over at Hulu) — is betting that fans will follow Lucifer onto the platform.

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