They played her song 'Fighter' and covered Aretha Franklin

By Christian Holub
June 15, 2018 at 11:29 AM EDT

Riding the New York City subway can be a strange experience, especially now that the system is so often wracked by delays and travel changes. This week, however, Jimmy Fallon decided to give commuters a pleasant surprise by dressing up in disguise alongside pop star Christina Aguilera and pretending to be buskers. The subway system is filled with such musicians playing songs at stations, but few of them have Aguilera’s vocal chops. As soon as she started singing Aretha Franklin’s “Think,” a big crowd started to gather to watch her.

After that first song, Fallon revealed the secret to the commuters. He and Aguilera took off their disguises before launching in to her song “Fighter,” Aguilera belting the lyrics while Fallon went crazy on tambourine.

“Welcome to New York City! Welcome to the subway!” Fallon declared.

Watch the clip above.

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