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Voltron season 6 will address several dangling mysteries.

The Netflix-Dreamworks animated series’ fifth season left us with many questions: What’s going on Shiro? What does Krolia know about Keith’s past? Can Team Voltron actually trust new Galra emperor Lotor?

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long for some answers. Ahead of the show’s sixth season premiere on Friday, EW hopped on the phone with executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos and co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery, both of whom promised that the new season would address all of those questions and more. Read on below to find out what you can expect for Allura, Keith, and the rest of the gang this season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s going on in season 6 when it begins?
LAUREN MONTGOMERY: [When] we pick up, the Galra Empire is fractured, Voltron and the Paladins are working with Lotor, who is the new Galra Emperor and they’re trying to bring peace. Allura has discovered some new powers on Oriande.
JOAQUIM DOS SANTOS: While Lotor seems to be doing the right thing and standing right by his word, there’s always sort of an air of uncertainty with his character and where he’s coming from.

It’s funny you bring that up because that was my next question: At this point, can we trust him or should we remain wary of his intentions?
DOS SANTOS: You should always be a little wary just because he is a pretty cunning dude, but in a lot of scenarios, I think he is to be trusted. I think his intentions are true. In his perfect world, there would be peace and the Galra would be brought together and working alongside the universe.

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How will Lotor and Allura’s trip to Oriande affect their relationship moving forward?
MONTGOMERY: I don’t know how to answer that without getting too spoilery for the season, but I think ultimately, what we see on the surface is Allura has gained this new knowledge to access her powers and Lotor is thrilled for her. He seems like the very loving, supportive person who didn’t need the glory himself. He’s happy for her. But as human beings, I think we know that there might be a little more to it than that.
DOS SANTOS: He went about trying to unlock those powers with his methods and doesn’t see her method as being wrong, just the right way. “Okay, I see where I was wrong. I’m genuinely happy for you.”

One of the biggest dangling threads from season 5 is Keith finding out something about his background. Can you tease what’s in store for Keith this season?
DOS SANTOS: A lot of illumination as to who he is, why he is, where he comes from, and what makes him tick. We’ve sort of left him a bit in the dark and that sort of orphan cloud has followed him around, so a lot of that becomes clearer.
MONTGOMERY: I think now that he has found Krolia, he’s found someone who can kind of help him fill in the gaps of some of the things that he didn’t know about himself. So, we can look forward to definitely learning more about that.

The trailer also revealed that he does eventually reunite with Team Voltron. How has he changed in his time away?
MONTGOMERY: As most people change as they grow, he’s maybe gotten a little wiser and a little more patient, but clearly not super patient because Lance still tends to peeve him off a bit. But, I think he has gained a certain amount of calm—
DOS SANTOS: Perspective…
MONTGOMER: He’s hopefully on the path to learning more and understanding himself more, and there’s no longer that unrest or that vulnerability within him. He feels a little more complete.

In season 5, there were several teases that there’s something up with Shiro. Can we expect some resolution to that dangling thread in the new season?
MONTGOMERY: I think we wouldn’t put it out there if we weren’t going to answer that at some point. So, I think you can definitely expect to find yourself an answer.
DOS SANTOS: There’s been a ton of speculation, so I think not only will you find the answer, but we were very excited to deliver that answer finally.

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Has anyone online guessed it yet?
DOS SANTOS: I think there’s so much speculation at this point that certain people are nailing things or aspects of things without fully understanding the full picture, as you do. As I did with for many, many, many things, and continue to do with many other properties. I’ll speculate on Star Wars all day!
MONTGOMERY: We try to set these things up and definitely give little hints as to what the answer is. The thing is, if you do that and if someone is observant enough and determined enough, they’ll find those and figure it out.

One of the things that stuck out to me about last season was how mature Lance has become. What’s in store for him in this batch of episodes?
DOS SANTOS: I think a continued evolution of that maturity. He definitely has a spot that you saw in the trailer.
MONTGOMERY: I think Lance is beginning to understand himself more. As he’s been evolving, he’s learning who he is and as you learn who you are, you start to learn what it is you actually want in life. So, I think we’ll start to learn what Lance wants.

Voltron: Legendary Defender season 6 premieres Friday on Netflix.

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