June 14, 2018 at 08:43 AM EDT

The Fab 5 became the Sexalicious 6 when they inducted James Corden into their crew. The Late Late Show host had asked the stars of Netflix’s Queer Eye to help him make over his grizzly guitar player, Tim Young, but he wanted to take the lead.

“What if I did like science experiments in school? Like, build him a volcano?” Corden offered as his area of expertise.

“How would that help him with his life, though?” cooking expert Antoni Porowski asked.

“I don’t know, how would making guacamole help him with his life?” Yeah, Porowski teed Corden up nicely for that zing.

The bit saw the Sexalicious 6 go about the process of turning a “broken man” into a rock star. Corden, however, found himself delegating a lot of the work to the Fab 5. For one, exercise isn’t really his forte. As soon as Karamo Brown started in with the sit-ups, that was Corden’s cue to take a phone call.

There was also something off about Young. Instead of feeling more confident, Tan France’s clothing suggestions made him feel ready to “have a fight.” At least they were better than Corden’s sartorial choices.

Watch the makeover above.

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