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June 12, 2018 at 01:38 PM EDT
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It’s almost time to meet up with besties Kat (Aisha Dee), Sutton (Meghann Fahy), and Jane (Katie Stevens) for season 2 of The Bold Type. Quick refresher: Jane ended last season by quitting Scarlet and getting a job at Incite; Sutton and Richard shared a hopeful glance; and Kat took a break from all of it to travel with Adena. But when season 2 picks up a couple of weeks later, it kicks off with Kat’s return to NYC (and Scarlet).

EW spoke with new showrunner Amanda Lasher about what to expect from there.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: As the new showrunner this season, what was your goal? Anything you definitely wanted to keep or change?
AMANDA LASHER: I came to this show as a huge fan of it, so I wanted to continue what I loved about the show and what the fans love about the show, which is these incredible girls supporting each other and taking on social issues, but doing it through the lens of their friendship. And then my goal was just to go deeper, to learn more about these characters and how they became the women that they’ve become. We’re going to meet Kat’s parents; we’re going to meet Sutton’s parents. For me there were certain choices that Kat made in season 1 that I wanted to explore in season 2. I was also really interested in Sutton coming from a place where she didn’t have privilege and then living in this world of privilege and how she was going to keep up. So really just taking what I knew about the characters and getting to know them better and going deeper with them.

Let’s go through each of the women, starting with Kat and what most interested you with her story.
It was particularly interesting for me that Kat was someone who’d never been in a relationship before and the vulnerabilities of that. And not only had she never been in a relationship before, but she’d never been in a relationship with a woman before, so learning about her own sexuality and what her desires were and what her interests were.

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Then you have Jane, who made a big decision and left Scarlet.
For us it was really fun, the idea of Jane, who’s had this amazing mentor in Jacqueline, to throw her into a situation where all the sudden she didn’t have that. Most of us when we’ve gone to jobs, we don’t have the greatest bosses necessarily and so we wanted to really play with that and see what it would be like for Jane to walk out of Scarlet and then walk into a place that didn’t have the same values and didn’t have the same culture and how she would handle it.

Sutton ended last season by looking at Richard. What could that mean for her this season?
Sutton will struggle with her career versus her love life and make a bold decision that will have fallout for her throughout the season.

Will we get to know Richard better this year, outside of the Sutton relationship?
We do. We learn a little bit more about his past and see some other sides of him. We also are developing Richard and Jacqueline’s friendship. We’ll see more of that friendship and how that plays into the show.

Speaking of Jacqueline, what’s she up to, aside from hanging with Richard?
There is a new board member that throws some challenges her way, and also we see Jacqueline returning to her roots as a writer. And we get to see her interacting with the other girls on staff which is kind of nice. It was fun to see moments of her with Sutton and what their relationship is. We were able to do more of that this year.

This show made a name for itself with tackling women’s issues in season 1. Coming in, were there specific issues you knew you wanted to be part of season 2?
I wanted to tackle body image and body positivity. I wanted to tackle exploring your sexuality. I was really excited to explore Jane’s BRCA status and how that affects her moving forward in her life because she’s facing different decisions about her future than the other girls are facing. I really was eager to dive into that. Then I had some questions as a viewer last season [about] Kat’s relationship to her race and how she identified and so that was something that we also wanted to explore this season. We continue to tackle social issues but to do it through the lens of these girls and their friendship and how it affects them on a personal level.

The Bold Type premieres Tuesday, June 12 at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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